Kerry Wheeler

Lark Insurance

The Lark brand identity was a brief that I was part of whilst a designer at ASHA. I was involved in the initial stages of the marque making process, which was then then carried forward by others in the design team to create the complete corporate identity.

Lark are an independent insurance specialist offering bespoke
and personal insurance packages to its clients. They came to
ArthurSteenHorneAdamson wanting a rebrand to make them
stand out in a saturated insurance market where all companies
seem to offer ‘personal service’.

We designed the marque to incorporate the outline of a lark, which is also used as a stand alone icon throughout their brand literature.
They now have a brand that is as personal and bespoke as the insurance packages they offer. 

This brand identity has featured on design blogs such as Creative Review, and can also be found in the Logotype book published by Laurence King.