Kerry Wheeler

Lucy Bates Children's Occupational Therapy

Lucy Bates Children’s Occupational Therapist

Logo design & branding


CREATING A BRAND THAT puts smiles on faces, step by step

Lucy is a Children’s Occupational Therapist - supporting young people (from babies to teenagers) to gain the skills they need to live and play through every day life. Whether that’s giving them the extra help they need with eating or playing, getting dressed in the morning or going to sleep at night. This was a brand that needed to put both parent’s and children’s minds at ease. The brand needed to feel approachable so that Lucy is a welcome presence when working in schools and other child-based environments, and it also needed to make occupational therapy and it’s process understandable to families.

‘Making the everyday happier, step by step’ sums up the way that Lucy works and what she aims to achieve with every family, and the hidden smile in the wordmark is a friendly face when it comes to business cards and a uniform.