Other new fave tracks - Muse, Delilah and Joey BADA$$

Heard a few bits and pieces lately, got them on repeat as per usual...

Muse - Madness

I only really like proper early Muse stuff, but heard this on the radio, bass turned up with the sun shining, and then that sexy guitar kicks in...

Delilah - Shades of Grey

Beautiful voice, beautiful song. Can't decide which I like the best, the original or the MJ Cole remix, so here is both! Loving the MJ Cole remix, its all old school UK garagey :) 

Delilah - Shades of Grey (MJ Cole Remix) link is here

Joey BADA$$ - 1999 Mixtape 

Still holding on to the summer with this one... here's a few from it... 

Joey BADA$$ - Waves

Joey BADA$$ - Daily Routine