Twilight - the end of an era...

If you don't like anything Twilight related this is all going to sound quite wanky so you have been warned. Don't get me wrong I'm not gonna get all gushy and obsessy. I'm not like that. But you can't hide from the fact that it has been a cult through the last 6 years, and most of the people I know have been caught up in it at some point. And guys, we know you have watched it too, and you can say that it was a pile of crap but more fool you for sitting through 5 films if you really 'hated' it that much. 

I remember watching the first film not knowing much about any of it to be honest, and then coming out of the cinema, and just falling in love with all of it. That feeling you get when you come out of the cinema and are just like, wow. The story, the soundtrack, and yes good old Rob. Us Buffy fans had been looking for something to fill that vampire shaped hole since it left our teenage angsty lives back in college and this fit it perfectly. 

The soundtrack got me the most, I almost looked forward to it as much as I did waiting for the films to come out. Paramore, Muse, The Black Keys, Band of Skulls, Death Cab for Cutie, Bon Iver, James Vincent McMorrow, Bruno Mars, Passion Pit, OKGO, Angus and Julia Stone. Serious names. Honestly, just listen to the albums as seperate compilations of songs and they are awesome. 

Some of my faves are below, some obvious tracks, some surprises if you haven't listened to them before... 

James Vincent McMorrow - Ghosts (Breaking Dawn Part 2) 

Bruno Mars - It Will Rain (Breaking Dawn Part 1)

Bon Iver & St. Vincent - Roslyn (New Moon)

OKGO - Shoot The Moon (New Moon)

Death Cab For Cutie - Meet Me On The Equinox (New Moon)

Anya Marina - Satellite Heart (New Moon)

And who can forget Paramore - Decode (Twilight)