Dear Motel, NEWSFLASH, girls have boobs...

Dear Motel, 

Before you start, I'm not some feminist having a go. I am a massive fan of Motel, and if I could I think I would have some kind of spending addiction within your store.

Don't get me wrong, I love your stuff. Every time I hit Park Street in Bristol I HAVE to go inside and have a mooch, leaving my boyfriend to do the obligatory stand outside and look nonchalant while I am inside having a look. 

But do I ever buy anything? No.

Every time I go in, I pour over the shelves and racks of all the new ranges of tops, skirts, playsuits (LOVE the playsuits), take my bounty into the changing rooms and get trying on. However, I always, and I mean always, come out empty handed and disappointed. I don't know why I kid myself, I do it every single time. Like when you go out, have an amazing night, feel invincible and drink way too much, then wake up feeling rotten the next day, forgetting about the inevitable hangover in the morning. It's that same feeling. Every time I go into the changing rooms with the excitement and anticipation of finding something amazing to wear on my next night out, I forget that you only make clothes for skinny little girls with absolutely nothing in the chest department. 

Now, as sure as the sky is blue, I am no model. I have curves. And I will put my hands up happily and say I am a size 14. I have boobs, not like, Nicki Minaj bangers, but yup, there they are. As do most 18-24 year olds. The average bra size of women in the UK is 36D. Now I'm not saying that everyone is that big, I'm also saying that not everyone is a size 10. And I have struggled for most of my teenage and now early twenties life coming to terms with the fact that I am not meant to be a size 10, nor would I look healthy being that small anyways. I am 5'8, size 14, and I think, pretty much in proportion. 

I have two main issues:  

1.) You label your L clothes as size 14. To me, this tells me that in your opinion, girls who are size 14 are large. And let me put it this way, when you have a big L in your clothes, to us that says LARGE. Big, nasty, capital letters LARGE. And it makes us feel shit. Why not just label your clothes the size that you think they are 8, 10, 12, 14, without putting yet another label on how big or small we are. 

2.) Your size 14 is not a size 14. It's tiny. And that's fine if you want to make size 12 people feel like crap because they now have to fit into a size 14, but it's even worse for the size 14 people who can just about fit into your clothes, but they then have no other option. One big slap in the face. You don't deserve to wear our clothes because you are not a model. And if you are going to make size 14 the right size, hows about making them in proportion too. 

My issue is that you say and I quote "We are known for being up to date on the hottest, current trends, making them accessible to you straight from runways". And yes, you are up to date and your trends are bang on, and believe me I love the fact that Motel seems to love animal print just as much as I do. But is it accessible? No. Because it doesn't fit a great deal of people. 

All I am asking is how about you make your clothes a bit more realistic in the size department. You feature and champion women like Kim Kardashian, Marilyn Monroe and Adele on your blog, but could they fit themselves and their beautiful curves and ample chests into your clothes? Probably not. Because you don't make them for real women. 

How's about your start the revolution of making clothes for girls, women, whatever, that are actually made for us in the first place. Don't get me wrong, you aren't the only store that are the guilty party. Most female fashion high street stores constantly make us feel like shit because we can't fit into any clothes, and make us feel like we are cursed with what we have got. We aren't allowed into the club of the 'beautiful people' because no one makes the fashion that we want in the right size that we are. We love fashion but fashion doesn't love us. 

We are curvy, we have boobs, and we want to be fashionable. And we have money to spend in your store on your amazing clothes if only you would let us. 

Rant over. 

Yours sincerely, 

Kerry Wheeler 

Jet Plunge Neck Playsuit. Love it so much.
Would have bought it if a.) it was longer in the body for tall people
b.) I wouldn't run the rique of being arrested for indecent exposure in the plunge
department due to the lack of material if you are bigger than a C cup.