Seeing in the New Year with Annie Mac's C4 House party, two days late, but I still did the countdown...

Hope you all had a marvellous New Years Eve and saw 2013 in with some serious partying with a bottle in your hand and some amazing music as your soundtrack! 

I was in the air, mid 30-hour trip from Cape Town back home, and needless to say had rather a subdued midnight countdown (cue smuggling in cans of rose wine onto Egypt Air, who don't serve alcohol, counting down the seconds on my old school Baby-G watch, and then watching a very cheesy New Year's Eve film on my iPad) but I had just come back from an amazing holiday, so kind of makes up for it. 

However, I do love being surrounded by my friends, drink in hand, and that one track that you see the New Year in with always sticks in my mind. Don't have that this year, so to make up for it I have listened to this instead, dancing round the living room like a maniac and joining in with the countdown. Annie Mac, you are my idol.

Give this a listen, it will do nothing but make you happy :) 

Happy 2013 y'all. It's gonna be good.