Jay Z at the NIA - Birmingham

Seeing Beyonce and Jay Z in the same year - dream come true. I have my two beauts Jen and Kelly to thank for buying me a ticket to Jay Z in Birmingham last week and I am truly truly grateful.  

What a guy. The crowd, the new songs, the old songs - anthem after anthem, hit after hit. "I got a million 'o these.." sure did. And when he turned the lights on and individually pointed out people in the crowd, shouting out to their moves, their enthusiasm and a whole lotta Brooklyn hoodies, 99 tees and FUTW beanies, I couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear. "Baby girl in the 99 crop top, I got a lil crush on you, don't tell nobody" oh to be that girl! Waaaaaaaa - crazy, I could have cried! 

There was no highlight. It was all amazing.  

Have got a new love for 'Young Forever'. I remember listening to a radio interview a few years ago, where he talked about his dislike of it, calling it a mistake. But to say that he sang it on his encore, and got such a emotive response from the crowd, maybe he is having second thoughts.  

"With a little ambition just what we can become here"