The return of Made in Chelsea can mean but one thing...

The wonderful Daisy Buchanan is back with her witty reviews of the weekly episodes. Brilliant. Sometimes I enjoy these more than the actual show themselves.  

Here is this weeks write up is here:

Made In Chelsea 6.1: Lou’s Behaviour Iffy, Phoebe’s Hair Spliffy & There’s A New Boy Called Miffy

Favourite part this week: 

Miffy is reintroduced to Lucy, giving us the opportunity to appreciate the situation happening in Miffy’s mouth. He’s either fallen asleep with the Crest strips on for three nights in a row, or he had a big pre party freak out and painted his teeth with correctional fluid. You can just imagine him doing the first one, having a cry and knowing that he had to keep going, or else he’d look really ridiculous.

Love it. For more of her witty takes on all things current check out her twitter feed @NotRollerGirl 

Ah the escapism to a PARDY central Chelsea on Monday nights with the backwards and forwards of incredulous texts from various friends is back. I think the message "MIFFY?!" pretty much spewed out the fingers of everyone texting, tweeting and what not. The only bad thing being that the wonderful Ollie and his brilliant facial expressions are no more *sob*