Remembering Amy

Two of the albums that I will never, ever tire of will be Frank and Back to Black. With Amy's bluesy tones mixed with a little bit of ska, some jazz and a lot of soul, her songs will live on for years to come.

I can't express the love I feel for Amy Winehouse. Like, I literally cannot put it into words, it's that kind of loving that everyone has with a certain band or artist, you can't even begin to show the love you have for their songs, they just strike a chord every time. Touch a nerve, make you smile, make you sad, comfort you in those shitty times, make you sing aloud in the car at the happy, reminiscent times. She is just one of those musicians that I connected with, and I feel that she will be played on and on, sampled and cherished put on a pedestal for us to appreciate for a long, long time. 

I could go on, but instead I'm going to put on Frank and Black to Back, back to back, and just feel lucky that she produced the music that she did with her such short-lived time on earth. God only knows the albums she would have gone on to create if she hadn't have fallen to her what seemed inevitable passing. 

Big big love, rest in peace Amy x  

Some of my faves - for the uni lot, Valerie, and the others, well they just make my heart melt.