New La Roux - Let Me Down Gently

Five years. FIVE YEARS! That is how long it has been since La Roux released her debut and only album to date. I still remember queuing up the tracks on Youtube from her album and playing them in the 3rd year room at uni (that's how you listened to music back then kids, none of this hype machine, soundcloud genius-ness). This can be told even more due to the fact that La Roux has just gone and created a soundcloud, with this brand new track being the only one on there.

The wait is over. There is new artwork, a new beaut of a track and the promise of an album and tour to come in july. I cannot wait. 

I've read the new track to be compared to a melancholic Robyn, which I totally get and appreciate, it's like emo pop. Right up my street, harking back to my emo uni years. Love. 

Here is is - Let Me Down Gently...